Welcome to my website Soul Triage Spiritual Healing. My name is Kerry, I am a mother of two beautiful children. I am a Blu Ray Starseed and an Empathic Intuitive Spiritual Healer.
I have always been interested in Spirituality since I was a young child, and as I got older I was fascinated to learn about Manifesting, the Law of Attraction, and how the human body has the ability to heal just by shifting our emotions from negative to positive.
After having a difficult childbirth and then being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease I hated the idea of relying on medication and realised I needed to help myself heal on a holistic basis. I did extensive research in the Quantum Energy Field which led me to my Reiki Teacher and a Complementary Therapies College course.
I am now a fully qualified, registered, and insured Energy Healer, Spiritual Teacher, and Holistic Therapist. I’m trained extensively in energy healing and natural body manipulation. I work to help you heal timelines, ancestral bloodlines, shift conditioning, beliefs and I heal cracks and tears in the energy field. Remove old soul contracts that are no longer serving you. I will help to release the blockages, pain, and emotions that have been keeping you and your previous generations captive for centuries.
This process creates deep healing on the physical and spiritual layers as well as the mental and emotional ones and will go to the root cause of the illness or condition.
Once we can transform and recognise the destructive patterns of pain and negative emotions we can start to live in our true divine self.
As a result, you can become centered in your own energy field and be aware of your thought patterns and how you can change them. With that, you will feel more creative, inspired, and aware of your body and other people and situations.
As an Energy Healer and Spiritual Teacher, I’ve been assisting and healing clients, from all over the world, in their spiritual journeys for over 8 years.
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✨Distant Energy Healing
Please email me for a booking ~ soultriage@yahoo.com
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