I am Kerry, I am an Empath, a Lightworker, a Holistic Therapist, a Seichem Therapist and a Intuitive Reiki Master Practitioner ( 3rd degree Usui )

For over 20 years I have worked in office environments which never fulfilled me in my life.

My life changed after I had a very traumatic birth in 2013 and slowly my health started to deteriorate. I was in and out of hospital with various pains. I had numerous operations to find the cause of the pain but to no avail. I battled on for years but eventually my health started to effect my family and work life and I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease. In 2017 I was told I could have an operation that could potentially change my life the following year. I became unemployed and decided to go back to college to train as a Complementary Therapist in the hope that I could help myself without the need of modern medicines. I had my operation 2 month after college enrolment. I decided after (after previously completing my Reiki Healing 1st Degree Usui) that I wanted to proceed to the next level and complete my Reiki Practitioner (2nd degree Usui) So that I could aid in my operation recovery and help other people that had been in my situation. By January 2019 I had received my 2nd degree Reiki and then 6 months later qualified with a Diploma in Complementary Therapies.

I have been practising Reiki healing since my 1st degree 3 years ago, and since September 2018 I was practising as a student Complementary Therapist while building up clientele in both roles.

I have always loved working with people and pay special attention to my clients and make them feel very comfortable and loved while I become their emotional support at the same time. I am always providing the highest service and care as possible with the best outcome.

Fast forward to July 2019, I have now attained my Advanced Reiki Practitioner (3rd Degree) and continue to provide Reiki Healing and Complementary Therapies in Redcar and the surrounding areas.