❤ “Massage your Body with Love” ❤
During distant healing treatments, I am sometimes guided to tell my clients this.
Tonight I thought it was time I practiced what I preached. So I ran myself a Lavender and Epson salt bath. Then gave myself reflexology on my hands and feet. Followed by an Indian head massage with Rosemary oil.
While doing reflexology on my feet, I noticed a blockage in my adrenal glands. The adrenals not only produce adrenaline and other hormones but also help the body to deal with stress. I had absolutely no idea that my adrenals energy centres had a blockage.
Adrenal glands (like most other organs and glands) hold onto emotions and can cause Adrenal malfunction as a physical symptom such as fatigue, sensitivity to light, low immune function and brain fog, as well as pains in the left knee or lower back.
So after a beautiful soothing reflexology and head massage. I coated my body with Arnica oil as the carrier oil and Clary sage (don’t use if your pregnant) Lemon, and Lavender.)
Sometimes it’s definitely good to massage your body with love.
Here is a little video I feel maybe helpful for you to try at home. 
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