Sometimes life can be tough and you constantly feel stuck in a rut.

Do you feel no matter how far you step forward you always feel you have jumped back?

Do you feel you always come face to face with the same issues over and over again throughout your life?

This may be due to underlying causes and you are not just “unlucky” It is our natural divine birthright to be abundant and happy in our life and the stresses and strains we encounter cause energetic blockages which disable our right to be open to what we are entitled to as human beings.

Everyone has some emotional baggage from painful life events and traumas that can play havoc with your happiness, your success, and especially your health. These are called trapped emotions. Trapped Emotions are like small balls of negative vibrating energy. They knock your body off-kilter and create imbalances in your systems. Trapped emotions tend to affect the body where they are stuck, creating pain and sometimes illnesses. They can also lead to depression, anxiety, and emotional issues.

The Emotion Code is the most cutting edge of energy healing, ridding you of your emotional baggage and blocks to moving forward in your life, whether in work, relationships, or health. This allows you to be more open to abundance – helping you feel free, lighter, and more at peace.

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Much love and abundant blessings.

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