Over lifetimes we accumulate lots of energy blockages and when you receive any type of healing these blockages can be released very quickly. It all depends on how it will be safest for you at this time. Once you have received healing then your body system starts to rebalance itself and let go of the toxic energies. As these energies are being released, this can cause discomfort in you and sometimes even be distressing. It all depends on what energies are needing to be released at this time. This is what is known as a healing crisis. A healing crisis can occur when working with any form of therapy that moves energy in our systems including Energy Healing, Massage, Reflexology and Acupuncture, and many more.  We can have a healing crisis when we have a response to treatment with any of these methods.

Though it may feel very uncomfortable, a healing crisis means that your system is responding well and you are starting to heal from within. On the other hand, you should not feel worried that healing is not taking place if you don’t have a healing crisis. In some cases, your system is simply able to move the energy in a gentler way and no crisis will occur. Whatever happens during a treatment, it is happening for your highest of good, and nothing negative will come from it.

The healing crisis can be felt at the physical level, the emotional/mental level, and the life situation level. I always advise my clients not to drink alcohol after a treatment as this is introducing toxins back into your body and this can hinder the healing that has started to take place. No healing crisis should last more than 48 hours and 72 at the maximum. There will never be signs of serious illness, such as high temperature, with a healing crisis. Anything outside of this is something other than a healing crisis and medical attention should be sought.

Physical —This could be physical symptoms such as headaches, nausea (with vomiting in a few cases), diarrhea or soft stools, aches, fatigue, and other mild flu-like symptoms. A high fever is not a sign of a healing crisis, but maybe a sign of serious illness. (Seek medical care.) Some people have a mild sore throat or a cough for a day or so, which quickly goes away on its own. Increased urination is a very common after-effect of a treatment, as this is the easiest way for the body to flush toxins away.

Emotional/Mental — If you experience healing at this level then this can be a sign of unprocessed emotions coming up for clearing.  Sounds connected to the emotions may naturally wish to come out, such as crying or screaming to release anger, longing, sorrow, or grief.  Old beliefs and thought patterns may also shift as we release the energy of old issues from our bodies and minds. We may suddenly have a vision from an old memory that brought us great hurt or a flash of insight that showed us we were holding onto regret from years ago.  

Life Situation — Sometimes the biggest change that happens when we start the healing path is that many things in our lives shift and come up for healing. We may suddenly gain more clarity on a career change or maybe a change in location that we have been contemplating. Relationships and friendships may suddenly breakdown as they are not for our highest good and divine purpose anymore. Each of these shifts offers you the opportunity to clear out old ways of thinking and behaving that have been creating energetic blockages so that healing will continue. They may offer you the opportunity to see things, or yourself, in a new way. While this type of healing crisis can sound the most frightening, it also offers many new paths for growth and change. We fear change because we don’t know what the new way will bring, yet if the old one is doing us harm or holding us back, a new way is often the healing balm we need.


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