Have you ever heard the saying “you create your reality” well we actually do!

The soul chooses a path that will not only be a personal task for them but also a world task which means how this chosen path will help the world. Before we are incarnated we meet with our spirit guides to plan our future lifetime. In this meeting, it is discussed what challenges you will face to realise your true life purpose and to make your soul grow and evolve. The karma from previous lifetimes that needs to be met and dealt with and also the negative belief systems that need to be cleared through experience. For example, a person may need to develop leadership skills for their chosen line of work. In a previous lifetime, they may have been intimated by a long line of ancestors who were brilliant leaders unlike themselves. The life plan will consist of many probable realities and following synchronistic events that the person cannot merely put down to just a “coincidence” This will allow the person to make choices of their own free will but still guided towards a position that involves leadership qualities. The choices that you make are held in the consciousness, subconsciousness, super consciousness and collective consciousness and are all interwoven into this life with the action of cause and effect. 

The Consciousness Mind ~ is what we operate within our daily life and is only a small fragment of our consciousness and awareness.

The Subconscious Mind ~ lies below the level of conscious awareness. The location of the subconscious is situated below the brain and above the spine (the well of dreams chakra is also located here energetically). It records everything we do on a day to day basis but cannot be accessed in the conscious thoughts. There are ways to access this such as through mediation and muscle testing. 

The Super Consciousness Mind ~ surrounds a level of awareness that sees both material reality and also the energy and consciousness behind that reality. As we go into a deeper state of awareness during meditation, we start to experience calmness and bliss, it is then when we experience deeper levels of the superconscious. The superconscious is where ideas and creativity are found. This is talked about by many of the talented musicians and artists that have graced our planet.

The Collective Consciousness Mind ~ This is where the awakened Starseeds and Lightworkers are involved in “collectively” raising the vibrations of the planet by tuning into the higher levels of light. The collective consciousness will all work together subconsciously and consciously into serving the planet and the people who are not fully awakened yet.

Once the “planning” has been discussed, and the families to be incarnated with are chose, then the process begins of the soul leaving the spirit world and entering the earthly world through the process of “birth” The incoming soul will slowly lose consciousness of the spirit world and will slowly adopt the conscious reality into which it is born. When a baby is sleeping, the soul is leaving the physical body and this allows for the physical body to start to grow and develop and also to integrate into coping with the new energies. 

As a child starts to develop so will their Sacral and Root chakra and the child’s emotional life becomes enhanced. A child will start to become conscious of the items around them (such as their toys) and they become part of the child’s energy as the child will send out projections of their etheric field to envelope the toys. Have you ever noticed how much a child cries if the toy is taken from them forcibly? This is because the toy becomes part of them and their energy. They are feeling physical and emotional pain as this tears their energy field or aura.

By around the age of seven, the child’s chakras are all protected by outside energies with a protective screen. The child will start to feel “safer” within his energetic field. 

Between the ages of seven and going onto puberty the child’s third chakra will start to develop and as such the mental faculties will occur to add to the emotional and physical energy body. 

When the child reaches adolescence it is the time for the child to find their true self and remain to this even with the chaos of physical “body” changes and emotional changes such as experiencing rejection. By now the heart chakra starts to open to new levels of “feelings” and love develops. The pituitary gland (third eye or Anja) is activated and the body starts to mature to that of an adult. This affects all chakras positively and negatively. Sometimes the new vibrations they are sensing can be embraced with excitement and other times they are loathed because they bring with them more longing for answers and a new vulnerability that the individual has not yet experienced. This would result in the chakras becoming completely out of balance or everything could be flowing in harmony. This would mean the child is going through great emotional changes and will start to become very confused and will move between adult and child state. 

By the end of adolescence and onto adulthood, the chakras and energy patterns are all complete. The chakras have now taken on adult form and it is the point the individual may decide to settle down and become settled in their environment and start life patterns and be quite comfortable in not knowing anymore than the reality that they see. Others may have experienced a difficult upbringing and see that reality is not so easily definable and continue a life long search for meaning that leads them through constant challenges to deeper experiences of fulfilment. During this stage into the person’s life the heart chakra starts to expand more and not only will they have a love for their family and partner but also the love for humanity. As the third eye opens to higher vibrations the individual will start to see the unity of all things and can see at the same time the preciousness of each person within that unity.

When the person reaches maturity and starts to approach old age and death even more high vibration is added to the energy bodies. This, in turn, is why old people’s hair starts to turn white and they start to connect again with the spirit world. The person starts to prepare to return home.

At the time of death, a dazzling ray of light will flash out the person’s crown chakra. As they leave the earth plane behind and ascend into the white light they will be met by deceased friends, family, and spirit guides. There will be a time of celebration when you discuss what tasks have been completed and what lessons have been learned. You will spend some time in the spirit world before you agree to the next incarnation. If somebody has died of a long-term illness then they are taken to a kind of hospital in the spirit realm. Here they will be looked after until they are ready for the next incarnation. 



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