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Soul Triage
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 by Lynette
Soul Triage

Kerry is wonderfully intuitive and her Emotion Code sessions, in person or remotely, are bringing me amazing results. Thank you so much Kerry - you are simply a star!

 by Gemma Taylor
Emotion code

THIS is part of the future of healing.

The power of vibration and sound.

You may or may not realise the power that music has in our lives.

It has the ability to deepen our journey by evoking both emotional and spiritual states of awareness.

However, if we look a little deeper at the power of vibration and sound itself, we can see that there are forces at play that can greatly enhance the power of one's practice by rebalancing, restoring, healing and transmuting.

As part of my spiritual practice and healing journey this year I had the honor of being this incredible ladies guinea pig in her new treatment called The Emotion Code.

Now here is how this Amazing small yet powerful device works...

It uses a recording of your voice that scans your body which then brings up energetic imbalances and then creates music for you to listen to to help rebalance them...how insanely cool is that!

Having this done by this Amazing lady really helped me get back on my feet during my lowest moments and I honestly can't thank her enough.

I felt rebalanced, rejuvenated, lighter, and an overall feeling of calm.

And because I have a greater understanding of my body and how it feels, I can go back to the tracks and listen to them when I feel like I need it.

I would 100% recommend this to anyone.

With sincere gratitude


Creator glowinggoddessacademy

 by Libby
Emotion code and heat wall session

So far i have had one emotion code session where we released 17 emotions, and one heart wall session where I literally felt the energy being released and moving through my body. I had blood tests previously to the session that were abnormal and was amazed to see after the session, after Kerry had done the body code on me the 2nd bloods came back normal. I am booking in for further sessions to remove my heart wall. I feel more at peace after carrying around so much emotional baggage for years. Thank you for everything you do Kerry, without you doctors wouldnt have been able to help me. I truly believe in the emotion code. And highly reccomend it to people.

 by Michelle Taylor Ward

I just felt the need to express my gratitude and thanks to you Kerry for your absolutely wonderful work.

Kerry conducted a voice scan on me in mid June and conducted emotion code too.

There were things that ahe picked up on using tue sound resonance machine that intuitively feel spot on.

I am absolutely in awe of the work she is carrying out and feel she is a pioneer of her time. During the distance session I could feel heat in my crown top right. I could also feel movement in the areas mentioned on the report, liver and spleen! As if energy was being moved through.

Im listening this morning to the inner voice tracks which Kerry gave me to help bring balance to my body.
Im finding them very relaxing and soothing.

I am blessed to know you dear Kerry and feel this is a huge part in the future of healing.

Thank you for your gift.

Blessed be

Intuitive and founder
The Magical Shop of Enlightenment

 by Gemma
Spiritual coaching course

I am now on the 6th chakra lesson... 6/7 and I cannot believe what has happened, my eyes are actually changing. I can see colours which I have never seen before. I have seen arch angel michael which was mind blowing. I am experiencing loads of synchrinocity which is helping to upgrade my light energy. My guides are clearly connecting with me through music and films. My heart is now speaking to me and I created a beautiful painting from my heart. All of the pain in my body has gone and I now know what I need to do in order to fully connect to universal consciousness. I am in the initiation process. I am fully protected and I feel it.
I cannot stress enough that you must help yourself. When memories etc come up Kerry will advise you how to clear and cleanse them inorder to heal. If you do what she says, do the meditations, do the affrimations and do your homework the rewards are infinate, everlasting and life changing. Your body will decide on the pace however. This is in your best interest so please be patient and practice surrender and release because force is resistance and will block your growth.
Good luck to everyone. If you get stuck or feel blocked please just ask Kerry and she will help you, dont think it isn't working because it always is. Have faith and trust. 🙏😇🙏xxx

 by Sarah Chaplin
Seichem Distance Healing

This was my first therapy session with Kerry, and, it won't be my last. I wasn't sure what to expect; however, I felt every moment from beginning to end, experienced the most amazing feelings, and, saw some equally amazing things in my minds eye. I felt at one with the universe. After my session, I felt relaxed and rejuvinated in equal measure, and, continue to do so. The report Kerry produced was accurate, and, every part resonated with me. Thank you so much Kerry. Namaste. xx

 by Alix
Seichem Distance Healing

I had my first ever Seichem distance healing from Kerry and didn’t really know what to expect, she explained everything really well and I could really feel the energy as she worked her magic.
Not only was I left feeling lovely and relaxed but she also sent over a report from the session that explained everything . I’m still feeling the benefit now so would definitely recommend giving it try
Thanks Kerry you were fantastic xxx

 by Gemma
Spiritual Coaching Review

I am a conscious awake person on my spirityal journey. I have read over 30 books on the topic from angels, energy healing, affrimations, gratitude and manifesting abundance, self help and becoming self employed. I have done 5years of self healing work and turned my whole life around. However i have hit a block. I need one final push to get me through the veil and there is no better person than Kerry to help me to awaken fully to connect with my higher self and higher consciousness. I have paid for 3 online courses since covid I started them but didnt finish them. Kerry is much better as she is here in the UK not far from where I live. If I have any questions she is here to help. I love the zoom calls each week. These really keep me on track. I am almost at the end of week 1 healing my root chakra. I have had my first distant healing and I have released so much already it is unbelievable. I had an amazing vision of the future. Incredible. Things are moving forward again for me. I have had 5 amazing surprise manifestations happen which really lights me up. I am recieving messages again and seeing things in meditation again. My vibration is higher and I feel so much better. The stabbing pains in my stomach have almost gone and this is week1. I am so excited. I should be fully connected by week 8 at this rate. Absolutely first class coach and to top it all off, my kids are happier and my healing is also unblocking my partner and he is healing too...as my psychic senses are picking up on his feelings I have been able to dig up his worries and stress and talk him through them, therefore releasing him of pent up anxiety. Excellent. Im now living in the now much more. I am being more authentic and therefore feel much happier. I Couldnt ask for better. Kerry is amazing.

 by Natalie cotter

I regularly have distance healing with kerry and it has always been absolutely amazing. On a few occasions she has picked up on things that she had know way of knowing at all which always amazes me. I have seichem with her and always feel extremely relaxed and calmed afterwards, she then always sends a report and then talks you through everything. She really is a lovely lady and makes you feel very comfortable whether it's your first time or 10th time. I would highly recommend to everyone

 by Tina Westphal
Seichem long distance

Wow! Kerry really helped me today. I had fibromyalgia muscle pain, fatigue, blocked chakras, neck and shoulder pain before Kerry worked on me. She did a long distance Seichem energy healing session on me and now I feel amazing!
I feel healthier inside, with a more positive outlook, hopeful, and not depressed anymore!
While she was working on me, I felt my forehead tingling a few times and my head and entire chest were vibrating, that's new to me, and I went into a trance state a couple of times briefly.
After the session, Kerry told me things about my health and life that she discovered while working on me. She was right about my communication issues, and things I need to let go of. . .she told me things I had forgotten about myself that she learned about me during the treatment.
She is extraordinary, and I highly recommend her. She is in England and I am in the U.S. but the treatment worked well. Her prices were reasonable also.

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