Spiritual Coaching

Soul Triage Spiritual Teachings 

Here at Soul Triage Spiritual Teachings, we combine spiritual coaching with healing. This will provide a unique opportunity to transform your life with the kind of power only a spiritual approach can offer. From a holistic outlook, this incorporates not only the physical body but emotions, mind, and spirit. The spiritual level is the deepest, the most profound, and the most important in creating a rewarding and fulfilling life that as humans we are meant to live.

A Spiritual Coach or Intuitive coach is someone who helps you to connect to who you truly are as a divine being of the universe. Spiritual Coaching is a deep inner healing technique that explores physical life blocks to uncover and transform hidden emotional challenges. It not only taps into improving habits, behaviors, actions, and beliefs but into spiritual and emotional growth.\n\nYou will experience learning positive energy healing methods as well as the Law of Attraction, Gratitude and Abundance mindset, combined with the traditional coaching practices such as action plans, long term, and short term goals. 

The course is for a period of 8 weeks at a price that’s affordable to you. The sessions will be done via the phone or zoom.

We will look at various topics that I will benefit you going forward at this time of transformation on our planet. At the end of each session, we then discuss a chakra and learn how to keep them in balance so that you are in complete alignment with the universe and everything it has to offer you. If you’re interested please give me a message for distant healing or spiritual coaching and we can discuss things further.

“Enlightenment is a state of wholeness, of being ‘at one’ and therefore at peace. At one with life in its manifested aspect, the world, as well as with your deepest self and life unmanifested—at one with Being.”– Eckhart Tolle, The Power of Now