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Elevate Your Business: A Comprehensive Business Reading with an Energy Clearing


Wondering when to give your business a powerful energy boost? Here are some key indicators that suggest it’s the perfect time for a Business Energy Clearing Session that is designed to identify and address any negative influences, energy programs, and imbalances within your business environment.


New Beginnings: If your business is embarking on a new phase, launching a product, or undergoing significant changes, a Business Energy Clearing can set a positive foundation.


Stagnation or Challenges: When you sense a stagnation in growth or encounter persistent challenges, it’s a sign that the energetic flow within your business might need a reset.


Team Transitions: During team expansions, restructuring, or changes in leadership, a Business Energy Clearing can facilitate smoother transitions and harmonious collaboration.


Low Morale or Productivity: If you’ve noticed a dip in employee morale, productivity, or overall enthusiasm, an energy clearing can uplift the workplace atmosphere.


Post-Pandemic Transition: As businesses navigate the post-pandemic landscape, an energy clearing can help adapt to new norms, boost resilience, and foster a positive work environment.


Before Important Meetings or Events: Clearing the energy before crucial meetings, presentations, or events can enhance the positive impact and create a conducive environment.


Anniversaries or Milestones: Celebrating business anniversaries or milestones? A Business Energy Clearing can infuse positive energy into the celebrations and future endeavours.


Seasonal Shifts: Consider scheduling an energy clearing during significant seasonal changes to align your business with the natural flow of energies.
What the Business Reading Encompasses:


Negative Influences: Identify and understand any negative influences that may be impacting the energy of your business.
Energy Programs: Explore the energy programs that might be influencing the overall dynamics of your business environment.


Portal Ways and Gateways: Examine portal ways and gateways where energy might be leaking or withdrawn, contributing to imbalances.
Energetic Review: Conduct a thorough energetic review of your business, considering both tangible and subtle influences.


Clearing: The Business Reading comes with a clearing, addressing, and transmuting any identified negative energies or imbalances.
Benefits of the Business Reading:


Harmonious Business Environment: Clear negative influences to create a more harmonious and positive business environment.


Improved Energy Flow: Address energy programs and imbalances that might be hindering the flow of positive energy within your business.


Enhanced Productivity: Create an energetic space that fosters increased productivity and overall well-being for your team.


Financial Growth: By addressing energy leaks and imbalances, you pave the way for improved financial stability and growth.
Transformative Business Clearing:


The Business Reading not only identifies areas of improvement but also includes a clearing to ensure that your business is energetically aligned for success. This process involves intentional practices and energy work to release and transmute any identified negative influences, creating space for positive transformation.


How to Proceed:


The cost for this transformative Business Reading and clearing is £144.00


Once payment is received, we’ll schedule a convenient time for the reading.


Consultation: Connect with me to discuss your business needs and schedule the Business Reading.
Energetic Review: During the reading, I’ll delve into the energetic landscape of your business.


Clearing: The clearing process follows the reading, addressing, and transmuting any identified negative energies.
Report: Receive a comprehensive report detailing the findings and the clearing process.


Ready to elevate the energy of your business for success and growth? Connect with me to schedule your Business Reading and Clearing. Transform your business environment into a thriving and harmonious space.


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