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Have you ever felt like:


You’re on the outside looking in?


You’re blocked from giving or receiving full love?


You can’t recover from a loss, divorce, or emotional turmoil?


Or maybe, something just seems “off” about the way you feel, but you can’t put your finger on it. Most of us have been there at one time or another, which maybe due to what a lot of people call “emotional baggage”. And our premise is that, like our bodies, emotions are nothing more than energy!
The Emotion Code is a holistic energy healing technique designed to identify and release trapped emotional energies within the body. Developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson, this method is based on the concept that unresolved emotions can become “trapped” and contribute to physical and emotional imbalances.


Origin and Background:


The Emotion Code originated from Dr. Bradley Nelson’s extensive experience in chiropractic care and energy healing. Driven by the belief that emotions play a significant role in overall health, he developed a systematic approach to identify and release these trapped emotions.


Benefits of Emotion Code Sessions:


Emotional Release: The Emotion Code helps release stored emotions, promoting emotional well-being and balance.


Physical Health: By addressing emotional imbalances, individuals may experience improvements in physical health and vitality.


Mental Clarity: Clearing trapped emotions can lead to enhanced mental clarity and improved decision-making.


Remote Sessions via Zoom: The Emotion Code can be effectively conducted remotely, offering the flexibility of healing sessions from the comfort of your own space.


Why Choose Remote Sessions.


Convenience: Remote sessions provide the convenience of accessing healing from any location.


Personal Comfort: Individuals can experience the benefits of the Emotion Code in a familiar and comfortable environment.


Effective Communication: Zoom allows for real-time communication between the practitioner and client, ensuring a personalized and effective healing experience.


Experience the transformative power of The Emotion Code in the comfort of your own space. Priced at £80 and payable in advance, this comprehensive investment covers a session conducted via Zoom.
Here’s what you can expect:


1. Personalised Attention:
Receive one-on-one, personalized attention throughout the Emotion Code session. Our practitioner will guide you through the process, ensuring a tailored and effective experience.


2. Emotional Release:
Discover the profound impact of emotional release as trapped emotions are identified and cleared. This process promotes emotional well-being and contributes to overall balance.


3. Holistic Well-being Support:
Immerse yourself in holistic well-being support. The Emotion Code addresses the connection between emotions and physical health, fostering a harmonious balance in both aspects of your being.


4. Comprehensive Typed Report:
As an added benefit, receive a detailed typed report summarizing the session. This report provides insights into the emotions addressed, offering a valuable resource for continued self-discovery and growth.


Why Choose Remote Sessions via Zoom:


Convenience: Access healing from any location.


Comfort: Experience the session in a familiar and comfortable environment.


Effective Communication: Zoom enables real-time interaction with our practitioner for a personalized and impactful session.


Your well-being is an invaluable asset. Invest in your emotional and physical harmony with The Emotion Code session via Zoom. Book now to embark on a journey towards a more balanced and vibrant life.


Note: Payment of £80 is required in advance to secure your session.

6 reviews for Emotion Code Remote Session

  1. DawnD

    I was very fortunate to win Kerry’s raffl e and enjoyed remote sessions with her to release trapped emotions that I had no idea that I had. Some were even emotions that my Mum had felt before I was born!
    I feel that many of my resulting health conditions now make sense and have been addressed since releasing these emotions.
    Although I still have issues in my life I now feel more confi dent and much more able to deal with them.
    I can 100% recommend Kerry and the Emotion Code. Dawn – Dover

  2. CaseyT

    Hi Kerry, would just like to say thank you so much again for yesterday with the emotion code treatment. I felt so much lighter walking out of there yesterday and still do.
    I felt so awake and woke up so much easier this morning with no anxiety or stress.
    I just feel diff erent (for the better)
    So professional and friendly. I was blown away and can’t stop thinking about the whole session.
    Keep doing what youre doing. I’ll be booking in with you again as well as my 2 daughters.
    Thanks so much – Casey Thornaby

  3. Natalie cotter

    I had this amazing treatment with kerry and I have to say I felt absolutely fantastic afterwards. After session I slept so much better and it really changed so much for. As I live quiet far I have distance healing from kerry and she is so lovely and accommodating at all times. She really makes such a difference

  4. Lisa

    I’ve been with Kerry for almost 3 years now in receipt of lots of types of healing… (mainly seikhem).
    I’ve had distance many times for different reasons so I didn’t miss my fix and have had just as thorough results every time. Kerry also provides a report of findings which is nice to talk thru afterwards.
    I always jump up with a burst of energy following at home treatment and would highly recommend time and time again xx

  5. Debbie hadfield

    I have been going to kerry at soul triage for the past 4 years now .each healing session just gets more powerful helping me to clear deep trapped emotions that I wouldnt of even know existed without the emotion code healing .
    Kerry is amazing at her job and is always friendly and professional .
    I would definitely recommend the emotion code healing if you want results .

  6. Cathy Collins

    I have been lucky enough to connect with Kerry for remote Emotion Code Sessions and her insight and intuition during my sessions is quite remarkable. As a former Holistic Therapist myself, I wouldn’t say this lightly and indeed have recommended several friends to Kerry who have all benefitted from her expertise. Without a doubt, I would highly recommend Kerry to anyone wondering if her work will help them.

    • Kerry Bavin

      Thank you so much Cathy x

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