Land & Property Reading


Pay a 25% deposit per item
If you’re interested in gaining a deeper understanding of the energy held within a property, the Land and Property Reading is a great resource to explore.
This reading is particularly useful for all types of properties and can provide valuable insights.


Did you know that your home can store emotions and trauma, just like your own body?


These feelings may come from previous occupants or even from the land itself. Oftentimes, these emotions are imprinted into the walls of the home. If you ever feel uncomfortable in a particular space, it could be because you’re picking up on these negative energies.


It’s possible for energetic portals to open up, allowing lower vibrational entities to enter. While this may sound intriguing, it’s important to remember that you wouldn’t leave your front door open for just anyone to walk through. The same principle applies here: these portals must be closed to avoid inviting negative energies into your space.


That’s why it’s important to cleanse your home of these energies regularly and strive to maintain a high vibrational frequency.


In this transformative session, I can release and transmute various energies that might impact your home negatively.
This includes:


Geopathic Stress / Leylines: Clearing the energy imbalances caused by underground stressors.


Curses on Home or Property: Dissolving any lingering negative energies or influences.


Residue of Shock or Trauma: Addressing imprints left by previous or current tenants’ experiences.


Illness Residues: Clearing any energetic remnants that may affect well-being.


Underground Water Stress: Neutralising the impact of subterranean water energies.


Portals, Vortices, and Doorways: Managing and balancing these energetic phenomena within your home.\


And much more.


Benefits of Property and Land clearing:


Enhanced Vibrational Frequency: Elevate the energy in your home, creating a positive and harmonious living environment.


Improved Well-being: Clearing negative influences contributes to the well-being of occupants.


Peaceful Atmosphere: Foster a sense of calm and inner peace within your home.


Positive Energy Flow: Promote positive energy flow, enhancing the overall ambiance.


Insights and Understanding: Gain a deeper understanding of the energetic dynamics affecting your living space.


If you are not the owner of the property, have a mortgage on it, or are a lease or tenancy holder, unfortunately, this is currently unavailable to you.


How to Proceed:


The cost for this transformative Home and Land Reading is £144.00


Once payment is received, we’ll schedule a convenient time for the reading.


During the reading, I’ll delve into the energetic landscape of your property.


Following the reading, you’ll receive a detailed typed report documenting my findings.


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