Soul Profile Reading


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Discover Your True Self with Soul Profile Readings for Spiritual Alignment


Uncover the depths of your soul’s expression with our Soul Profile readings. Identify your primary Soul Archetype, leading energetic quality, governing chakra, and soul mission to live in alignment with your higher purpose. Optional Akashic readings available.
Receive a comprehensive typed report with valuable tools for self-discovery at £111.
Explore Your Innermost Truth with a Soul Profile Reading
Unlock the secrets of your soul with our transformative Soul Profile reading. This effective tool is designed to help you grasp your soul’s complete expression, providing insights into essential aspects of your spiritual self.
The comprehensive report delves into your primary Soul Archetype, leading energetic quality, governing chakra, soul mission, and more.


Soul Archetype: Discover Universal Symbols Within


Identify the universal symbols and themes resonating with your true nature through your primary Soul Archetype. Uncover fundamental patterns and energies that define your innermost truth, offering clarity on your spiritual journey.


Leading Energetic Quality: Embrace Your Predominant Energy


Reveal the predominant energy or quality that defines your soul. Whether it’s compassion, wisdom, strength, or creativity, understanding your leading energetic quality provides valuable insights into your authentic self.


Governing Chakra: Focus Your Energy for Balance


In many spiritual traditions, chakras serve as energy centres in the body. Learn about the governing chakra in your Soul Profile, gaining insight into where your energy is concentrated and areas for achieving balance in your life.


Soul Mission: Uncover Your Deeper Purpose
Explore the spiritual depth of your existence with insights into your soul mission. Understand what you are here to learn, experience, or contribute during your lifetime, aligning yourself with a higher purpose.


Comprehensive Soul Profile Report with Tools


Our Soul Profile readings offer a detailed typed report equipped with valuable tools for your journey to self-discovery. Each report is tailored to your unique profile, empowering you to live authentically and in alignment with your higher purpose.


Optional Akashic Reading for Deeper Insights


Enhance your Soul Profile experience with an optional Akashic reading, available for an additional cost. Dive deeper into the spiritual realms for profound insights into your soul’s journey.


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Invest in your self-discovery journey with our Soul Profile readings at £111. Receive a detailed report with tools to guide you towards spiritual alignment and living authentically.


Connect with your true self today through our Soul Profile readings and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and spiritual alignment.


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