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The term “Akashic” finds its roots in the ancient Sanskrit word “Akasha,” meaning space. This sacred space transcends physical dimensions, representing the ethereal realm where the Akashic Records reside.
The Akashic Record serves as the cosmic “log” of your soul’s journey—from its origin in the source to its eventual return home. Unhealed memories from the past remain active, influencing your present life and behaviours.
Through a deep connection with my higher self and yours, I traverse lifetimes, unravelling past experiences, and identifying blocks and restrictions that echo into your current reality.


Contrary to common misconceptions, the Akashic Records are not a crystal ball predicting the future. Instead, they are a profound reflection of your soul’s path in this lifetime. It’s a timeless record that guides you toward choices aligning with your most abundant life. As we navigate our unique journeys, the Akashic Records continually update, capturing the evolving narrative of our existence. The Akashic Records recognise us as the authors of our own lives. They encapsulate the sum total of universal events, thoughts, words, emotions, and intentions that have transpired across all entities and life forms, extending beyond the human experience. This cosmic compendium is a testament to our role as co-creators of reality.
A Past and Present Life Reading can be a powerful tool in understanding your current life situation by exploring your past lives. By accessing your Akashic Records, the reading can provide insights into your soul contracts, spirit guides, and past life attachments. The reading also covers areas such as soul fragmentation, trauma wounding, and negative thought forms, which can affect your current life.


After receiving your reading via email, you will have the opportunity to review it with a 1-1 Akashic Review session over Zoom. A distance Akashic Clearing and Healing session will also be included to help release any negative energies that may be hindering your growth.


To fully integrate the reading and its insights, you will complete 21 integration phases with a daily decree to read each day. This is an essential part of the process and can help you fully understand and incorporate the reading’s insights.
And within 2-4 weeks after your reading, you can book a follow-up 1-1 session with the reader via Zoom to discuss any further questions or insights that may have arisen.


Benefits of Akashic Records Access:


By tapping into the Akashic Records, we can:


Understand past lives and karmic influences.


Clear trapped emotions and programs for holistic well-being.


Receive tools to transmute karmic energy, breaking free from old patterns.


Explore and complete distracting soul contracts.


Clear trauma and hurt across lifetimes.


Raise your energy frequency, enhancing healing abilities and intuition.


Release and transmute old energies of vows, curses, bargains, and constraints.


Call back lost soul fragments, ensuring completeness on all levels.


Clear money blocks to facilitate abundance flow.


Investment for Your Soul’s Healing:


The cost for this transformative treatment is £333, or £313 if you’ve previously had a soul reading. This all-inclusive package includes a report on your reading, a personalised Akashic Review, and your very own Akashic Clearing and Healing Session. Additionally, I will be available for communication during your integration period, and you can schedule a follow-up session 2-4 weeks after the clearing integration.


The Akashic Records offer a level of awareness and healing that transcends multiple dimensions, profoundly impacting your present life. Through this soul work, you’ll gain access to higher sources of knowledge, uncovering insights that other energy healing methods may have missed.Are you ready to embark on this transformative journey of self-discovery? Let’s work together to unlock the wisdom of your soul.
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